Potassium Broth

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

Have you ever done a vision board, aka a life treasure map?  Mostly I do them accidentally, as we all do.  You see, it’s our thoughts that create the world we live in.  I could go into this at great length and bore you to tears, but to sum it up in a few words, what you focus on expands.

So what does this have to do with potassium broth, you might ask.  Or you might ask why I don’t post pictures with my blog.  Right now I’m asking why the pinky finger on my left hand is red and itchy.  I guess life is full of mysteries.  Let’s deal with the question at hand – potassium broth.

Lately I’ve noticed my body focus sliding toward the negative.  “Oh look how big you’ve grown,” is not something a person wants to hear once their past the age of 5 (my guess), but that’s the phrase that keeps coming to mind whenever I look into the mirror.  And then I’d think about all the familial diseases – heart disease, high blood pressure, big noses.  And there was my one aunt on my mother’s side who developed diabetes.  What’s that red spot on my neck?  Is there leprosy anywhere in my family history?

Well, knowing better, I decided to focus on wellness.  Focus begins with the words, I am.  (This is my blog so you’ll just have to deal with my pronouncements.)  While I’m falling asleep, and if the cat isn’t sitting on my chest and making it difficult to breathe, I repeat the thought “I am vibrantly healthy”.  upon awakening, I quickly unscramble my brain and, once again, tell myself that I am vibrantly healthy.

And so I was out to lunch, literally, with my friend, Linda, and we happened to be at our favorite restaurant that serves only vegetarian food, like carrot cake with and inch of cream cheese frosting on top.  And on the menu, under beverages, was potassium broth.  On a whim I ordered it.  It was warm and slightly beyond tasty.  Big Yum!  When I got home I looked up potassium broth on the Internet and found all these amazing things that would happen to your body if you drank potassium broth on a regular basis.  I also found dozens of recipes.  Let’s hear it for the Internet!

This is the recipe I finally settled on, which tastes amazingly like the broth from the restaurant.   It’s easy to make and makes a lot.


4 large organic potatoes, ONLY use the skins

4 large organic carrots with the skins, cut into large chunks

2 stalks of celery, cut into chunks

3 whole organic beets with the greens, sliced

2 peeled and sliced organic onions.  That’s no skins.

dried mushrooms

12 cloves of garlic

Bragg Liquid Aminos


Place all the veggies, which have been thoroughly washed and prepped as indicated, into a large pot.  Add filtered or distilled water to cover.  I needed about 12 cups to accomplish this.

Cover and simmer for about an hour.  Strain out the veggies and refrigerate the broth in glass jars for use over the next few days.

So what about the liquid aminos, which spellcheck wants to change to amigos?  Stir in about a half teaspoon per serving, which is about a mug full.  So whenever you’re hankering for a nice warm drink, and another hot toddy would start those nasty rumors in the neighborhood, again, reach for a mug of refreshing potassium broth.  (Cue the music.)


Being part of the waste not/want not generation, I separated the veggies into five groups – potato innards, beets, carrots, mushrooms, and garbage.    I cooked the potato innards and mashed them with a significant amount of salt and butter.  I peeled the beets.  Carrots didn’t need or want to be peeled.  I’m going to slice an onion and roast it with the beets and carrots.  Mushrooms are going to go into an omelette or some such thing where mushrooms would feel welcome.  That gives me a great idea for lunch!  Life is good and I am amazingly healthy!

Loveya – The Grandma



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