“If they tell you to bring the ice, you can’t cook.”

Let’s just get this out of the way before I give you a system for cooking salmon without making your kitchen smell like a fish market.  And that’s going to be incredibly valuable to you.

What I’m also going to teach you is how to get visits to your blog.  Oh, for goodness sakes, start a blog.  It’s possible to do it for free, it will teach you some new computer skills if you’re computer illiterate like me, and it will keep you off the streets.  But on to capturing readers.

Capturing readers is as simple as using the word, salmon, because everyone is looking for a good recipe for salmon, which is supposed to be fantastically good for you.  That’s another topic the has to do with the belief that we’re in control and the disbelief about dying.  Later.

The other thing to attract visitors to your blog is to use the name of a celebrity.  Everyone loves celebrity gossip.  Therefore, I named this entry, Salmon and Paul McCartney.  Insert into the blog some inane statement, such as, “I wonder if Paul McCartney likes salmon?”  Am I clever or is this just another example of my lack of integrity?

But on to the recipe.




lemon slices – very optional

parchment paper




Place your thawed salmon on a piece of parchment paper which is on a piece of foil.  It looks something like this.

Lemon optional

Next wrap the whole thing up into a neat little bundle.  Although the picture shows that I covered the salmon in lemon slices, I found out, through this experiment, that I really prefer salmon done this way with just a little bit of broth in the package.  After it’s wrapped it will look like this.

Useless picture.  There could be anything in there!

Finally, place the whole thing in a crockpot that’s set on high.  Walk away and check your email account, look at pictures of kittens and other people’s grandchildren on Facebook, or play computer games until your eyes cross.

After 3 hours remove the package and check the salmon.  Time to make a decision on whether it’s cooked to your liking.  Make the decision for your next step from there.  I’m going to trust you to do the right thing without any input from moi.

Finally, serve the salmon with, perhaps, some leftover Bacon Broccoli Salad (see Sunday, Jan 1).  The plate might look something like this.


FULL DISCLOSURE:  The salmon I used for this particular endeavor was purchased from a discount grocery, not the usual place where I purchase seafood.  It was on sale for a really good price and it said that it was wild caught.  OMGoodness.  This salmon had the strangest taste that I ever encountered in any seafood.

I tried to mask the taste by drowning it in mayo.  Not a big improvement.  I offered a morsel, without the mayo, to my cat.  The cat wouldn’t eat it.  I flushed it down the toilet.  I hope I learned my lesson.

Paul McCartney is a vegetarian.

Loveya – The Grandma



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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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