“It’s bad news when you get to the age where your back goes out more than you do.”

A few months ago I went to a shoe store to (are you ready?) buy a pair of shoes!  I did.  I was also introduced to these plastic things that they had scattered throughout the store on some of the chairs.  There were signs that invited people to sit on these.  They were called BackJoy, which sounds a lot like bok choy, but is not something that you eat.

The purpose of this product is to force a person to sit up straight.  Yes, there are other promises, such as, relief from backaches and lying politicians (I made that last part up) but I didn’t know any lying politicians.  I think I made that up, too.  I might know some.

But this is about backaches and posture.  I don’t suffer from backaches but I am a consummate sloucher.  A few hours at my computer and I’m bent over until my nose is examining my lap.  Not a pretty picture.


This, however, is a pretty picture!

This magic piece of moulded plastic now holds me upright in relative comfort.  I’m at the getting used to having a moulded piece of plastic under my body phase of this relationship.  I’m happy to report that my BackJoy does not allow me to slouch.  I get up from my computer without the initial straightening up and waiting for the kink to unkink.

News Flash!  I didn’t immediately notice that the kink part of standing up had disappeared.  This is amazing!  I thought I was simply getting old.  Oh, that’s right.  I am getting old, or at least older, but for now, my back has stopped reminding me of that fact. Thanks, BackJoy!

This is not a paid product endorsement.  I bought it with my very own money and am happy that I did!   I do, however, endorse sharing good things in life.  What have you got to share?

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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