“Eat like no one is watching, or dance.  Whatever.”

To answer all of you who have questions about frequently used food terms, their origin and etymology, you’ve come to the wrong place.  This is a grandma blog.  Yes, I have a long history with food because I eat everyday. However, I’m into basics.  So here goes with all you need to know, plus a little more, about food terms so you don’t sound like a complete idiot.  Did I say that out loud?


Appetizers are smallish portions of food that are eaten before larger portions of food.  In some culture larger portions don’t follow and the appetizers are called tapas.  You may eat a lot of them.  This is a good way to sample different foods without passing out from overconsumption.


Veggie dishes are also known as side dishes.  They are obviously on the side of something so you know you’re going to get more than just veggies unless you aren’t, and then that’s generally known as a salad.


This can be tricky.  Entrée means either to enter or it’s the main course in a meal.  Make sure you know what someone is talking about before you show up at their house around dinner time.  Are they simply inviting you in or are they going to feed you?


Something that’s generally sweet to eat at the end of the meal, unless there’s a cheese course, which is a good idea because it’s one of the best and easiest ways to combat acid erosion in your teeth.  Please look this up before you begin to scoff.

As far as desserts go, which is generally to the mid-section of the body, I try to eat at least one yummy dessert per week.  No more, and no less.  I’ve now decided that my final words on this planet should not be, “At least I avoided sugar”.   Or as Oliver Sacks said, “I don’t so much fear death as I do wasting life.”


The cheese course is generally served at the end of the meal after dessert.  It is often, but not necessarily, served with fruit.  People in the know serve cheeses beginning with the softest, such as a brie, and moving on to more substantial and dry cheese, such as a substantial and dry cheese.  I do amuse myself.


Something you drink.  I added this category because I didn’t have a picture for this blog entry but remembered this picture of this wonky teapot.


This teapot is either something from an ancient burial mound, something my pre-pubescent grandchild made, or something I made in an art class that everyone laughs at.  The teapot, not the class.  Another whatever.

Loveya – The Grandma





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