“Don’t give up your dreams.  Keep sleeping.”

Before people get married they oftentimes forget to ask some simple questions of their intended partner, which leads to surprise and sometimes dismay in years to come.  For instance, when we were dating, my future husband failed to ask me if I played the accordion.  You’d think that would have come up in conversation.

So when I, reminiscing about my youth, purchased an accordion on craigslist, my husband babbled out some interesting sentences after it arrived and I took it out of the carton.  “That looks like an accordion.  I’ve never been in a room with an accordion before.  What are you going to do with it?  You play the accordion!”  I was born and raised in Milwaukee.  Of course I play the accordion!

Likewise, I never delved too deeply into my husbands eating habits, which were based loosely on firm decisions made without much research.  “I hate broccoli,” he told me.  “Have you ever had broccoli,” I asked.  When he finally relented and tried it he discovered it was one of his favorite vegetables.  He’s never, however, warmed up to the accordion.

Now our conversations at meal time center around him asking me not to tell him what’s in a dish we’re eating because he’s afraid it might contain something he doesn’t like and, at that moment, he’s liking it.  Enter, cabbage.  When we go out for fish fry he will always pass his portion of slaw over to me.  He claims he doesn’t like cabbage. It’s something about the word, cabbage, he said.  He has eaten, and enjoyed, cabbage in my beef cabbage soup where the cabbage is minced and could be mistaken for onion.  Especially by a gentleman with aging vision.

Enter pre-made salads, marketed under names such as, Crunchy Delight or Leafy Bar-B-Q. These salads come with little packages of dressing, seeds, and/or real bacon bits. I was once having lunch with some women friends when the hostess served one of these creations.  It had a softly sweet dressing along with bacon and sunflower seeds.  And ingredient number one on the package was cabbage.  And even though the cabbage was cut into tiny squares, it was obviously cabbage.

In a burst of devil-may-care I purchased one of these salads for myself to enjoy.  Hubby and I often have separate dishes of food at meals, especially if we’re cleaning up leftovers. That day he reached over and took a dab of the salad.  I think it was the dressing and bacon that won him over.  It’s now up there on his list of favorites along with broccoli.

Being a clever wife I’ve never confronted him with, “You know you’re eating cabbage!”  He still passes his slaw over to me in restaurants, for which I thank him.  We now refer to this favored salad as “That Salad,” or sometimes as “That Salad with the Bacon”.

cab sal
That Salad

Moral of the story.  (Cue violins, not the accordions.)  So many times we fail to recognize the difference between food as ingredient and food as stand alone.  Although I like onions I would never pass on an apple snack saying that I’d rather have an onion to munch on.

Finally, my husband never reads my blog so I’m free to say anything that I please about him and/or our relationship, except I would never talk about things like his raggy weekend underwear that I assisted on it’s way to the garbage by…  Never mind.

Loveya – The Grandma

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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