CBA* – The sermon this morning: “Jesus walks on the water.”  The sermon tonight:  “Searching for Jesus.”

Because this is such a quick and easy recipe I decided to give relationship advice along with the recipe.  After all, I’ve been married numerous times and have had even more failed relationships.  If I haven’t learned anything about relationships by now, is there any hope for the rest of you?  There is a comment section at the end of this post for those of you who do not recognize a rhetorical question.

When I was making these sweet potato fries I noticed that the recipe contained quite a bit of pepper, a spice my husband told me he doesn’t like.  So when I made these for the first time I avoided the words that would be sure to keep him from trying them.  I didn’t tell him they were good or good for him.  To him, that’s a challenge.

I also didn’t tell him that the sauce I made contained sour cream.  He also doesn’t like sour cream.  Instead, I told him it was a new recipe and I wasn’t sure of the results and I’d like his opinion.  He was there!


1 sweet potato

2 T olive oil

1 T fresh rosemary, minced

1 t salt

1 t pepper


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Scrub the sweet potato.  No need to peel it.  Cut it into fries.

Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl.  Toss the sweet potato in the seasoned oil.

Place the seasoned fries on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, turning them halfway through.  That would be at 10 to 12.5 minutes.  These did not get crisp but were tasty, except I thought they were a bit too salty.  Next time I’ll cut both the salt and pepper in half.


For a sauce I simply mixed together equal parts mayo and sour cream.  Then I added a dash of salsa.

I took just a few of these at lunch.  I asked my husband for his opinion and he also took just a few.  He said they were a bit too spicy.  I agreed.  I told him the sauce was made with mayo.  He likes mayo so tried a speck.

There were still over half the fries left on the serving plate and I said I didn’t want any more.  Hubby dumped them on his plate and took a substantial serving of the sauce.  Winner, winner …!

Note to self.  Don’t tell people what they should like.  (But I’m such an expert!)  Don’t be a health consultant for others.  (But just look at me… Oh, that’s right.  Forget that.)

Going to try zucchini fries tonight!

Loveya – The Grandma

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