CBA*- “The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare’s Hamlet on Friday at 7PM in the church basement.  The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.”

This is another of those recipes that I stumbled upon, adjusted the seasonings, and had to fight off my husband for the last pieces.  Great flavor and crunch distract you from the fact that you’re eating a vegetable.  The sauce from the sweet potato fries recipe, yesterday’s post, made the dish perfect.


2 zucchinis

1 cup panko

1/2 cup grated parmesan

1 T garlic powder

1 T dried basil

1/2 t salt

1/2 t pepper

2 eggs


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees  Cut the zucchini into fries and set them aside.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl or pie pan combine everything except the eggs.  In a separate bowl whisk the eggs.

Coating instructions:  When dipping a food into a wet ingredient and then into a dry ingredient, remember that one of your hands works only in the wet and the other hand works only in the dry.  Otherwise you end up breading your hands.

Toss about a half dozen zucchini pieces in the eggs.  Place them into the crumb mixture and, with your other hand, toss them around, pressing some of the mixture into the sticks before placing them onto the parchment-lined baking sheet.  Continue until all the zucchini sticks are coated and on the baking sheet.

Bake for about 20 minutes, turning them over about half way through the baking process.


Because these zucchini fries are graced with cheese, basil, and garlic, I believe they would also be delicious dipped in marinara sauce.  I can hardly wait for summer when friends who garden are begging other friends to take some zucchini off their hands.  I think this might turn into a recipe for a zucchini bake!  Stay tuned.

Loveya – The Grandma

*Church Bulletin Announcement


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  1. So I tend to forget or selectively ignore that right hand does this, left hand hand does that thing except when eating cheetos or nacho cheese Doritos (little pleasures). After playing guitar for almost 10 years I came to understand that if I ate these little powdery cheese goodies with my picking hand rather than fretting hand that I needed to change strings less frequently.


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