“Sometimes you just got to stop and smell the flowers.”

Sweaty summer time is coming.  And I’ve been alert enough to read all the warnings about deodorant and antiperspirant products that appear on the Internet.  Of course, nothing so bad could ever happen to me and it’s simply a risk and not a certainty.

Truth is, I don’t like to put chemicals on my skin.  Truth number two – I’d like to be socially acceptable.  Wait, that’s not entirely true.  Socially acceptable in whose society?  So let’s rephrase that.  I want my body to have a pleasant odor without running risks.

Some people might say they want to smell good, but as long as your nose is in working order, you will smell good.  How do you keep a fish from smelling?  Cut off its nose!  (She’s been into the double espressos again.)

Anyway, I found this simple recipe to make underarm deodorant that, I thought, was worth a shot.


Equal amounts of corn starch and baking soda.

Few drops of essential oil.  I used lavender.

Cotton balls


Mix everything together, except the cotton balls, in a jar or plastic container with a lid.  I had a pretty jar on hand so I used that.

After showering and toweling off, dip two cotton balls into the powder and use these to apply the powder to one of your underarms.  Flip the cotton balls over and place the clean side into the powder.  Apply to your other underarm.

Face the world with confidence!


So here you have my jar of deodorant visiting it’s friends the little plant and the silver container of essential oil.  Yes, I purchased in bulk, due to a misunderstanding in the past.

AND, as I was preparing to add the few drops of lavender oil to my powder mixture, I came to a plastic plug in the essential oil container that didn’t want to come out.  I tugged hard enough to get it to let go while simultaneously upending the container and spilling about a half cup of lavender essential oil all over my kitchen counter.  The oil also saturated a small cookbook that was on the counter.

My kitchen now has the distinct aroma of lavender.  Not the worst thing that could happen.  The small cookbook is back in my office, which is also overwhelmed by the odor of lavender.  My hands got saturated.  Lavender is supposed to be a calming aroma.  Probably in moderation.

The good news.  The deodorant powder works!

Loveya – The Grandma

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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