“Recipes are like a dating service.  They never end up looking like the picture.”

I warned you a couple of weeks ago that one of my favorite foods in the world is chicken wings.  Therefore, I was on a mission to find the perfect recipe.  Therefore, I was going to post a lot of recipes for chicken wings.  This might be the last one.  And it was an accident.

On the 16th, two days ago, I posted a recipe for Crispy Chicken Wings.  The one glitch with the recipe is that it calls for 4 pounds of chicken wings.  I had five pounds, which is 52 chicken wings divided by 5 times 4.  I settled on 40 chicken wings for the four pounds.  That left 12 chicken wings to deal with.  And you thought I wasn’t good at math!

Full disclosure – the chicken wings I was dealing with were already cut into two pieces with that little piece cut off.  Did I describe that with anatomical clarity?   Hope so.

OK.  There was another glitch.  The bottom of these crispy chicken wings didn’t get crispy.  My worst problem of that day and I was able to deal with it.  So what did I do with the remaining 12 chicken wings.


12 chicken wings

bottle of favorite hot sauce

slow cooker




Place one or two tablespoons of hot sauce in the bottom of your slow cooker.  Spread it around to coat the entire bottom.  Use a cooker big enough to place the wings in a single layer.  Cover, turn on high, and leave the house.

Well, that’s what I did.  I ran some errands.  I bought envelopes and bananas and talked with a lovely lady in line ahead of me at the grocery store.  Then I stopped at a cheese shop.  I got home about 2 hours later.

Looking into the slow cooker I gazed upon chicken wing soup.  There was a lot of liquid in the pot and the wings were pale but cooked through.  Nothing you’d want to serve to people that you like.

Therefore, I cranked the oven to 475 degrees, placed the wings without the liquid into an 8×8 pan, and baked them for about 20 minutes.

new chix

Just look at that deep, rich color!  And the chicken was moist.  Another successful accident in my kitchen.  I liked these a lot better than the recipe from the 16th.  And these are even very tasty when they’re cold.  Sing with me!  “Oh happy day!”

Other information you might find helpful is the sauce that I used.  I took a picture so I could show you.

hot sauce

I like this sauce because the 1 or 2 tablespoons I used to coat the bottom of the slow cooker did not overwhelm the wings with heat.  Personally, I had to add more sauce when I ate them.  I love spicy food.

Other good news about this sauce is that it’s carb free!  However, I can’t remember where I purchased this particular item.  I’m going to have to search through the grocery stores where I shop.  That’s nice.  It will give me a chance to meet other lovely ladies in line.  Life is good.

Loveya – The Grandma



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