“It’s always good policy to tell the truth, except of course if you’re an exceptionally good liar.”   Jerome K Jerome

One of my friends was recently on a trip to a warm location, trying to dodge cold weather for a while.  He returned with tales of art galleries and architecture and one amazing restaurant.

The restaurant served only lunch, family style, and only one seating.  People lined up about an hour before the restaurant opened in order to be one of the blessed diners.  He and his wife were one of the blessed.  And best of all, the restaurant sold a cookbook featuring all of the favorites that they served.  My friend purchased the cookbook.

As an ardent cook and recipe thief I ordered the book and tried the recipe he spoke of most highly.  It was a recipe for meatloaf, which he declared the best meatloaf he’d ever tasted.  Not exactly lo-carb, but close.

He said his wife made the meatloaf and it didn’t work.  Being  more arrogant then sensible I tried the meatloaf to show him how it was done.  It didn’t work.  As my husband said, “This looks like something you should serve with an ice cream scoop.”  Hmm.  Tasty but rather wet.

This is the meatloaf raw and the meat loaf ice cream scoop ready.

Not wanting to judge too quickly or too harshly I tried a recipe for oven baked chicken, described as a real favorite with the locals.  It required 4 pounds of chicken.  I generally follow recipes to the letter before tweaking.  I ended up with 4 pounds of iffy chicken.

One last try.  This time I didn’t want to invest in a couple pounds of meat so I settled on one of my husband’s favorites, which is cornbread.  I know this is not lo-carb but it wouldn’t be a big investment.

I followed the distructions (a word that became part of our family’s vocabulary when my youngest tried to say the words instructions and directions at the same time) and decided it was dry and uninteresting.  It needed a hearty amount of chewing to get it moist enough to swallow.

cb cut

My husband said it was OK but could use a lot of soft butter.  I left it out in a sealed container with a dish of soft butter nearby so my husband could snack.  The cornbread was left untouched.  I hope the birds and squirrels like cornbread.

Maybe this food just needs the right atmosphere.  Shouldn’t have sold my accordion!

Loveya – The Grandma


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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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  1. Cornbread was a nearly daily part of my childhood meals in eastern TN. Biscuits were usually reserved for weekends. Cornbread never seemed to last until the next day because we crumbled cornbread in a glass of milk as a before bed snack. Thanks reminding me of a sweet memory.


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