“Rather than us agreeing to disagree, why don’t you just be quiet.”

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise.  While I slept my Kindle Fire was gifted with Alexa.  I now have Siri, a gentleman with a British accent on my phone, and Alexa on my Kindle Fire.  Maybe I should introduce them to each other.

The only catch to having Alexa, another robot voice that will tell me the time and temperature, is the agreement I had to agree to before we were allowed to becomes fast friends.

As usual, the agreement was written in a .25 font which, if enlarged to a readable size, would cover 14 pages.  Of course, I did not read the agreement before I clicked agree.  Perhaps I agreed to turn over my first born to indentured servitude, which has nothing to do with teeth.  Wouldn’t his wife and kids be surprised.

So you’re probably wondering why I have a Kindle Fire.  Or not.  It was a gift from my youngest son who thought I should have one.  After I looked at it for a day or two I thought it might be handy for reading in bed.   But being a techno dork, I discover something new about it almost every year.  This ignorance is bliss!

I also discovered, on reflection, that there are numerous things I’ve agreed to throughout life without reading the fine print.  I agreed to be a lawfully wedded wife without knowing the laws of marriage in my state.  I agreed to be partner in a mortgage without reading all the fine print.  And I agreed to numerous unspoken agreements.  See: who cleans the litter box, who takes the trash to the curb, and who does the cooking and dishes.

I agree that daisies are lovely

Unspoken agreements are closely related to social agreements.  Social agreements generally include the agreement that a college education is important, that owning a big house and expensive car are good, and that wearing a suit to work makes the job more important.  Many people even agree that borders are real, and not imaginary marks upon the landscape.

Fortunately, there’s enough information in print and in electronic print to support any fact or idea that I’d like to be right about.  I agree that that’s a pretty handy thing.  Arguments end a lot faster!

I agree that Canadian sunsets are beautiful!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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