“The best things in life are free!”

About a week ago my husband and I went out for dinner.  We were using a gift certificate from the kids.  We went to a place we’d never been before and found an old, heart-stopping favorite in the appetizer section of the menu.  It was an onion blossom.

Because it was a special occasion, Wednesday, we gave ourselves permission to order this  food from hell.  And right after our salads arrived we thought, at first, that the gods had intervened.  We hadn’t received our onion blossom.  Instead of seeing this as a blessing, we mentioned to the hostess as she went flying by, that our appetizer hadn’t materialized.

The hostess dashed off toward the kitchen and reported back that it would be out in just a few minutes.  The waitress then appeared to tell us that the glitch was her fault and we wouldn’t be charged for the appetizer.  This is what came home with us.  I’m sure I’ll find a way to utilize it in something … maybe.

onion bl

Then yesterday, because it was a special occasion, Saturday, we again stopped for a bite.  We went to one of our old familiar haunts and were seated in a booth and waited for the server to arrive.  And waited. And waited.

Finally, I flagged down another staff member and asked if it was something we said.  He dashed off to find out why we were being ignored and soon a young man came to take our order and apologized for the delay and told us that the young women who was supposed to be waiting on us went home but didn’t tell anyone.  Amusing.

We ordered our regular salad and burger but spied a new appetizer that looked interesting.  It was bacon (say no more) dipped in pancake batter and deep fried.  It was served with a side of maple syrup for dipping.  OMGoodness!  Who is the genius who thought this up!

bacon pan

Stopped just in time to get a picture before it was gone.  The serving was 6 pieces and my husband and I each received our very own cup of maple syrup so we wouldn’t be fighting and making a scene in this fine establishment.

A few minutes after we’d begun our entrees the manager stopped by the table and asked if everything was alright.  Yes, indeed, we said.  She then explained that because of the glitch in the service we wouldn’t be charged for the appetizer.

We’re going out for breakfast today.  We’re hoping that there are appetizers on the menu.  Going for three out of three!

Loveya – The Grandma


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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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