“I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter.”

Tonight I’m going with some friends to a play at an outdoor theater.  The sky is morphing back and forth between partly sunny and partly cloudy, which are basically the same thing if you think about it.  But there were other things to think about.

I had to think about my contribution to the pre-play picnic potluck, which is difficult to say three times fast.  The hostess of this event is bringing gussied up smoked turkey sandwiches.  She is a marvelous gussy upper.  I am delighted to be her friend.

I am bringing a salad.  I decided on potato salad.  I toyed with the idea of making it completely out of cauliflower, which is a recipe from somewhere in the past, but I had a taste for potato.  So I bought a small carton of potato salad, cooked up some frozen cauliflower, and went from there.


small carton of potato salad

frozen cauliflower, cooked and chilled

2 T mayo

3 T red pepper, minced

2 T sweet onion, minced


Mix everything together.  Decorate with tomato and parsley.  Actually, I even sprinkled some dried parsley on the dish to give it some color.

pot sal

It was quick and easy to make and all that remains is for me to remember to take it with me.  It’s always in the details, isn’t it?

And one other thing while we’re on the subject.  (What subject is she talking about?  Is she drinking coffee again in the middle of the day?)  It’s really important to bring less, rather than more, to a potluck.  It’s rather sad when a contributor brings a gallon of pasta salad with only 6 people gathered around the picnic table.

“Wouldn’t you like just a little more?” they ask in panic as they realize they’re going to be eating the stuff for the rest of the week.  Seeing their pain I’ve often been tempted to take more, which allows me to sit in over-stuffed misery for the rest of the day.  It’s OK if your contribution runs out.  Unless it’s a dessert.  I do have my standards.


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