“Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what you’re doing.”

OK.  I was on vacation, walking many steps per day, and my vacation companion had this marvelous app on her phone that counted our steps.  It was so great because it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Then, on a visit to friends in Canada, my Canadian/UK friend showed me that my phone already had a step counting program.  My phone had been keeping track of my steps all this time and I didn’t know it!   This, and the inevitable shrinkage of my winter clothes, led me to explore other apps that might help me live a more healthy life.  My choice, after much debate about whether I really wanted to commit, was My Fitness Pal.

This is an app, with a basic version, that seems to have everything I need to get my eating in order.  After I entered basic information, such as my age, weight, gender, and goal, I was presented with an eating plan that is oh so easy to follow.  I simply enter food eaten at meals and a chart appears telling me how much fat and carbs and sugar and protein and a few other things I need to know.  There are goals for each category so I know what I need to add to my day’s eating in order to consume a well balanced diet.


Something like this!


And add some of this!

Something I learned again, is that hunger, for me, is caused when my body is looking for something that it’s missing.  I no longer walk around the house in the evening with food cravings now that I’m eating a well balanced diet.  I’m also filled with a lot more energy.

Other features include the app’s ability to read barcodes.  It also syncs with my phone, giving me calorie credits for the steps I take during the day!

Looking for something that might tweak your life in a good direction and spare you the angst of making New Year resolutions?  You might want to check out  Good stuff!

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