“I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.”

Yes, I’m still following the eating plan on  Love the app because it sets out a nutritionally balanced diet for me.  The help it gives me is wonderful.  The first 4 weeks I lost 5 pounds.  The plan promises a pound a week.  More important than that, I’m now eating sensibly and I look like a movie star feel great.

I did hit a small bump in my road today, only because I was squabbling with myself over definitions.  It was time for me to have a snack and I couldn’t find any snack food in the house.  Then I realized that anything could be a snack.  Enter veggies!

Seque – I recently read an article praising the Delicata squash.  One of the points made about this squash, besides its nutritional value, is that, like a baked potato, you don’t have to discard the skin.  It’s tender and edible.  Are they kidding?!  No they’re not.  The skin is tender and edible.

I happened to have the aforementioned squash on hand so roasted it, after I’d surgically removed the seeds, and then allowed it to cool so I could cut it into strips.  OMGoodness.  It is one beautiful squash.  The picture below is almost like a painting.  Either I’m getting good with my phone camera or that is one dried out squash.


So how does all of this fit in with snacks?  As I perused the fridge in search of between meal nourishment, I started to look at my collection of veggies.  There was a container of sautéed cabbage with shiitakes, some green beans, and the Delicata squash.  A measured amount of each in a pan, following the guidelines of, made a lovely snack.

breakfast v

In fact, this dish was so easy and delicious that I even had it for breakfast the next morning.  Veggies for breakfast?  Yes.  I was meeting a friend for lunch at a place that’s famous for it’s burgers and other high protein and high fat foods.  Having veggies for breakfast helped me manage my food totals – fats, carbs, and proteins – for the day.  I’m not just a pretty face!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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