“What you focus on expands.”

I just got back from my week in New York with two lady friends.  And first of all, I have to set something straight.  On October eight I posted about a gentleman who canceled our use of his Air B&B apartment two days before we were to leave.  Not true.  Air B&B canceled because they received, yet another critique, that his place was a filthy disaster.  Thank you, Air B&B.

But back to our focus for the trip.  We wanted to see and do everything.  Well, that didn’t happen.  We did, however, see four shows purchased with “rush” tickets.  That means we stood in line an hour or more before the box office opened and talked with and met some fascinating people.

One day of rain made it a no-brainer that our destination would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  That came out to 6 hours of walking amidst amazing creations and a total of about 8 miles of walking for the day.  We averaged about that much milage everyday.

There is no way to share the highlight of the trip, but one of my favorite events came when I received a text from my son, Donny, who does a lot of traveling for his job.  He, also, happened to be in New York.

We arranged to meet after the show we were attending that evening and go out for dessert.  Donny surprised us with reservations for dessert at Sardi’s.  He said anyone who comes to New York should go to Sardi’s.  He was paying.  I had their frozen cake with a cup of coffee.

We learned how to use the subway, which was filled with people willing to offer us their seats.  I purchased my breakfast food from a fruit cart that was on our way home in the evening, parked between the subway and our hotel.  A breakfast of one banana and one pear was 75 cents.  We found a Mexican Chinese restaurant that served a large bowl of egg drop soup for $4.25.

soup Is this post getting a little food heavy?  OK.  I did send a picture to my husband from the Met.  I wanted him to also enjoy some of the great art.  It was a good morning greeting.


Just trying to instill a little appreciation for the arts.   I’m a good wife!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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