“Enjoy life.  It’s delicious.”

Some time ago, a time I’m too lazy to look up, I wrote about some restaurant foibles my husband and I experienced.  Both times the restaurants in question forgot to bring us our appetizers as appetizers.   Both times the restaurants felt compelled not to charge us for the aforementioned appetizers.  Last weekend we went through our restaurant gift certificates and decided to dine out, joking about the possibility of getting another free appetizer.

We went to a place we’ve never been and met our server, David.  We ordered an appetizer and our dinners.  I requested the Caesar side salad and my husband requested the regular side salad.  Both came with our dinners.

A staff member brought out my husband’s salad.  I mentioned that we’d ordered an appetizer.  This was looking good!  David appeared and said it was his fault.  He forgot to order our appetizer but it would be out as quickly as possible.

The appetizer came out in a timely fashion followed by my husband’s steak.  My salad and salmon were no where in sight.  I mentioned this.  Great confusion.  In order to give me something to eat while the kitchen sorted this out they brought me a Caesar’s salad the size of Rhode Island.  It was not the side salad version.

Eventually my salmon with rice was brought out by the manager, along with apologies.

sal & rice


Through all of this my husband and I were cracking ourselves up by trying to guess which food would show up next.  We’re easy to amuse.

Of course, we ordered dessert.  We’re not quitters!  I ordered a dessert for less that $3 that was meant to be a small taste.  My husband ordered a dessert large enough to feed a small country.  He ended up taking most of it home.

choc stamp

No.  We did not get a free appetizer.  Instead, we were not charged for my entree sized Caesar’s salad and salmon dinner, as well as the coffee I ordered to top off the meal.  We tipped prodigiously.

“I think we have this dining out thing figured out,” my husband said as we walked to our car.  I told him that it was always such a delight to dine out with him.  And always such a bargain!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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