“Sticks and stones etc.”

The sticks and stones I’m currently dealing with are sticks from the wildish lot next to our yard and the stones that are strung on strings and chains, i.e. necklaces.  I’ve been storing my necklaces by hanging them around the neck of the mermaid that stands in the corner of my office.

Sorry I couldn’t get her all in one shot, but my office is small.  It would not be possible to back up far enough to do that without removing a wall.

I made the mermaid from an old dress form that someone was discarding and, knowing my “creative” nature, asked if I wanted it.  The dress form stood around in our dining room for a number of years (sometimes it takes time) until I realized that she was a mermaid bride.  The rest is her-story.

Back to the necklaces.  They continued to tangle and were difficult to remove from my mermaid’s neck.  And then I saw a picture in a magazine of a wall hanging that used yarn and strips of cloth.  That was all I needed to picture something similar as a necklace holder.

neck hanger

The raffia looking parts are made from twine I purchased at a hardware store.  I looped the twine then tied off one end with a big knot.  I screwed some cup hangers into the branch. Two to three necklaces fit on each hook.

This is not only is a good way to store necklaces, but it make a pretty neat wall hanging.  I also looped a bunch of yarn.  It’s step one in some other project that might take a few years before I recognize what it’s meant to be.

yarn 8.06.55 AM

That’s OK.  It’s taken me a bunch of years to realize what I’m meant to be.  Progress, not perfection!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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