“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.”  Lord Byron

Do you want to communicate with someone who will give you their undivided attention?  Do you ever begin talking with someone and notice that they’re looking over your shoulder past you?  Or maybe they begin scrolling through their phone.  You’re either married to a narcissist or have iffy judgement when it comes to choosing friends.  Time to move on without leaving home.  Get a pen pal.

I started writing to a young person because it’s my habit to write to young people when they begin their first year away from home.  Why?  Because I left home at an early age (boarding school of a kind) and realized how much letters meant to me.  No, I wasn’t incarcerated.  I didn’t become a danger to society (their opinion) until much later in life.

But back to the letters.  One particular recipient of my letters disobeyed one of my rules, which was designed to remove the pressure of responding –  rule # 4.5 – You shouldn’t respond.  He responded.  We’ve been exchanging weekly letters for 2 years.  I mail mine to him every Monday and receive his letter every Thursday. His letter is one of the highlights of my week.


There is about a 50 year age difference between us so we get to explore the world from another viewpoint.  Not!  We both have a slightly crazy slant on life so amuse ourselves and each other with our tomes.  In one of his first letters he told me that he was writing very slowly because he heard I don’t read very fast.  Another week I received a lovely birthday card with a picture of a cute dog on the cover. However, it was not my birthday and the card said, “Happy Birthday Grandson.”

The letters, for me, are a chance to talk about the mundane as well as the melodramatic.  He inspires me with his dedication to his fitness programs that ebb and flow.  I love seeing his career and life plans through his eyes.  And I love the quotes that always grace the end of each of his letters.

“Don’t let the sands of time get into your lunch.”

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

“The beauty of war is that it teaches American’s geography.”  Ouch!

Find a pen pal.  Make a connection.  I’m sure there’s some out there who wants to hear from you.

Loveya – The Grandma


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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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