“If a little is good …”

I happen to be a fan of Brazil nuts.  However, they seem to be the nut of nuts (actually a seed) that is an acquired taste.  As is my habit with things I like to eat, I naturally did research on the nutritional value of Brazil nuts.  Hmmm.

b nutsSeems the Brazil nut’s main attraction is its copious amount of selenium.  In fact, Brazil nuts contain more selenium than any other food source common to the western palate.  Other great sources of selenium include eggs, sunflower seeds, liver, tuna, chicken breast, salmon, turkey, chia seeds and mushrooms.

And you do want enough selenium in your diet because it’s this miracle trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant, boosts immunity, improves blood flow, regulates thyroid function, increases longevity, and can help boost fertility.  Grandpa will be delighted with that last part.

But all is not sunny in paradise.  Selenium can be toxic.  And although the toxicity of most forms of selenium is rare, it’s usually only experienced by people who supplement with high levels of selenium.  Selenium supplements are not a good idea.  High levels can lead to selenium toxicity, which can potentially be fatal or lead to heart attack and respiratory depression.

My favorite way to eat Brazil nuts is in a dried fruit, nut and coconut blend that I sprinkle on my oatmeal or use as a base for granola.


12 Brazil nuts

1/4 cup flaked coconut

1/4 cup raisins

8 pitted dates

12 apricots

craisins, if you have some

sunflower seeds

etc, check your cupboard


Pre chop some of the larger food items.  Brazil nuts cut easily into thirds using kitchen scissors.  Place all into a chopper.  Chop.  Store in a jar.


Sprinkle on oatmeal and pour on a bit of dairy free creamer (Jan 24 blog post).  A lovely way to start your day!

Loveya – The Grandma



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