“If swimming was easy they’d call it cheerleading.”

I have no idea what the above quote means but I had to have something about swimming so that will have to do.  Personally, I’ve seen some cheerleading that looks rather gymnastic and intense.  Whatever.

This post came about because I was sorting through old pictures.  When you’re 75 you have a lot of old pictures.  In one package I came across a picture of me and my sister (older) frolicking in the water.  It must be at a lake because we did a lot of lakes on weekends when I was a wee one.  Notice the attire.

Mom, always on the lookout for dangerous situations and determined to keep us safe, dressed us in an amazing amount of gear before we were allowed to go into the water.  It was also mandatory that we wait a full hour after lunch before launching our bodies into 6 inches of water.


Me and My Sister.  I’m the Cute One!

I don’t remember ever going into water that went past my knees.  We played near the shore, warm on even the nippiest days, protected from the elements by our life jackets.  I’m not sure about the bathing caps, but I think they were meant to keep water out of our ears, which was not likely to happen in ankle deep water.

My children almost inherited my overly cautious attitude toward water, but were fortunate to attend schools where swimming lessons were part of the curriculum.  We didn’t tell my mother that her grandchildren  actually went into the deep end.  She would have worried.

Thanks mom, for being my mom.

Loveya – The Grandma



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