“Things only get better when we get better.”

Last night I watched a movie, That Sugar Film, all about sugar.  According to the movie…  Well, there was so much to take in.


So this guy goes on a diet where he makes sure he consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day to see what would happen to his body.  He did this by eating “healthy” foods, like granola bars and yogurts.  He didn’t have to consume any junk food to get that much sugar into his body.   He drank fruit juices and juice drinks, not soda.

He didn’t count calories but he did continue with his regular workout routine.  Oh, and yes, he had a full medical team monitoring him.  Results?

His health profile, which had to do with his liver and cholesterol, went into the naughty zone.  He gained weight and developed a gut.  When calories were computed they found that he was eating about the same amount as he did in his healthy eating lifestyle, but gaining weight.  It seems that a calorie is not a calorie.

After 45 days he went back to his regular way of eating.  That would be bacon, eggs, and avocado for breakfast.  Fruit instead of fruit juice.  The extra weight came off and the gut disappeared.  They were other issues, such as energy level and moods.

Well worth a look.  I’m inspired.

BTW – The global market for sugar and sweeteners totaled about $77.5 billion in 2012 and was projected to reach nearly $97.2 billion by 2017.  Thought I’d mentions that.

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