“I just stepped on the scale.  Now I have to replace a broken window and put $393 in the swear jar.”

Not true.  I’ve been following the Four Category Meals and pounds are dropping away.  Now quite as fast as brain cells, but I’m going in the right direction.

But this is about light bulbs.  Specifically, bulbs for a night light.  I needed a replacement for my salt lamp.  The selection for this type of bulb was almost as great as the selection for breakfast cereals.  But I finally decided on a four pack that costs less that $5.  A worthy investment.

It was when I got home with the package of four bulbs that anxiety set in.  It seems that the bulbs were guaranteed to last for 13 years.  I think that was per bulb.  I had a talk with my husband.  I explained that we’d just purchased 52 years worth of lightbulbs with me in my mid 70’s and him close behind.  I didn’t know how we’d get our money’s worth.

My suggestion was that he take two of the bulbs and I’d work on the other two.  That would only be 26 years each.  If we’d take good care of ourselves, this just might work.  Otherwise, I can see the kids fighting over the bulbs once we’re gone.


You thought I was kidding about the 13 years!

Then I read the back of the package that said there was a limited warranty and it was good if the bulb was used for an average of 3 hours per day.  As I was going to use them 24 hours a day in a night light, that would knock off about 8 years of the promise for every one year that I had them in continual use.  Does this have something to do with dog years?

At any rate, I now only have (where’s my calculator?) 14,235 hours, which is 593.125 days of use per bulb instead of 113,880 hours, which is 4,745 days.  I think I can make it and still eat dessert!

And I thought I’d never use my math skills!

Loveya – The Grandma





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