“Anything that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”

Is there any food more versatile than a meatball?  Of course.  There are hundreds.  I was just testing you.

However, I think that meatballs are rather versatile if only for the reason that a person can pop one from the fridge into their mouth whenever the spirit moves them.  What spirit would that be?  (It’s getting rather obvious that I should have stopped with the coffee at about lunchtime.)

Whatever your opinion on meatballs, if you’re looking for a fast, easy, and tasty recipe, have I got a deal for you!


1/3 cup chopped onion

2 eggs

1 clove garlic

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

1/2 pound ground beef, 80% lean works well

1/2 pound ground pork

1/2 pound ground turkey

S&P, optional


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Place the first four ingredients into a processor.  I use my Ninja.  You want a nice liquid form.

Take the three meats and blend them together.  I do this with my Kitchen Aid.  The regular mixing paddle works well.  Once the meats are well blended pour in the egg mixture.  Mix well.  A half minute on highish speed does the trick.

Form meatballs about the size of golfballs.  I use a small iced cream scoop.  Place the meatballs on a baking sheet covered with foil and sprayed with cooking spray.  Bake the meatballs for 20 to 25 minutes.


Aren’t those some fine looking meatballs!   They’re going to go into sandwiches using my new amazing lo-carb pancakes, which were trying to disguise themselves as lo-carb wraps.  They also going to go into my husband’s lunch as finger food.

A touch of fennel in the mixture would turn these into Italian meatballs.  Just saying.

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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