“Safety is all well and good.  I prefer freedom.”  E. B. White

As previous reported, either out loud or in my mind, I’ve been watching a lot of videos that relate to good health.  Yes, everyone has a twist on this subject, tweaked enough to sell their book.  However, they all have one thing in common.  Or is it two?  The demons that are causing the most damage to the human body are sugar and processed foods.  Take those out or your diet and watch what happens.

No more counting calories.  No more lethargy.  Well, you do have to get through the withdrawal period.  So, I said to myself.  As long as you’re going to be cranky and hard to get along with do all these wonderful things for your body, why not go all the way and get yourself off of caffeine too.

I decided to get off caffeine because my consumption rate was going way up without taking my energy level with it.  So I quit drinking coffee and got rid of all my caffeinated tea.  I’m not a half measure kind of person.

That was three days ago.  Three, long, miserable days.  Fortunately, I have Google to tell me some side effects that might come my way and what to do about them, short of biting down on a block of wood.


Yes, there are the headaches.  But there can also be back pain, which I experienced and wouldn’t have associated with caffeine withdrawal if it hadn’t been for Google.  Comforting to know there is a reason.

There are also a few helps brought to us through folk lore.  Things like take a walk in nature, eat and apple, increase your intake of B vitamins and magnesium, and rub some peppermint oil on your forehead.  There’s also aspirin and aspirin like products.  Then there’s always whining.

Most importantly, keep your eye on the goal.  I know that some day my morning will move beyond dragging myself out of bed and tripping over a cat.


Dare to dream!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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