“Always be ready.”

Trying to serve lo-carb to my husband can be an adventure.  Bottom line –  I’m aiming to serve familiar foods slightly tweaked.  And remember what your mother told you – presentation is everything.  Actually, that is not something that most mothers told their children.  Their advice was more along the lines of clean underwear and accidents.

So I’m jumping in where your mother left off.  Presentation covers a multitude of sins, or something.

One of my husbands favorite meals is fudge, but we won’t go there.  Another favorite is the BLT.  But without bread?  I do make my round creation better known as not really bread.  I decided to use that to make an open face presentation of a BLT.

bltThis is what I came up with.  You’ll notice that the “L” part of the sandwich is shredded.  Hubby doesn’t like chewing on lettuce leaves.  With a few quick pulses of my chopper the lettuce was husband friendly.  Diced tomato and bacon with just a bit of mayo on the “bread” completed the dish.  Served with and fork and a knife, of course.

This was also served with a side of broccoli.  It’s a good idea to load your plate with veggies.  Moms were always talking about this “eat your veggies” thing.  That’s because they loved us.

Bottom Line – Taking somethings out of our diets doesn’t mean we have to take everything out of our diets.   OK.  I hear some of those voices out there asking why I just don’t buy lo-carb bread.  Read the label.  Didn’t your mom tell you to always read labels right after she gave you the clean underwear talk?  She should have.

Loveya – The Mom

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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