“Being sisters means you always have a backup.”

My sister and I never got to knew each other very well.  I left home at an early age when we were still in the competitive stage and soon after I returned Eileen left to get married.  Then I got married and moved away.  Our lives kept bouncing around and never quite connecting.

A few years ago, even though we live 2 hours apart, we decided to visit.  Eileen is a widow and I’m always ready to take a trip.  I went to her house for three days.  We ate at some of her favorite restaurants and bakeries.  I saw neighborhoods I’d never seen and shops I’d never visited.  We spent evenings playing computer games and getting to know each other.

Two years passed before we got our acts together and decided on another visit.  Eileen came to my house for three days.  We ate at my favorite restaurants, I took her to my favorite intuitive friend for a session, we saw a movie (The Bookclub), and played board games.  Eileen is really good at boardgames.  We visited a dragon.


Also, our cat, Jim, decided that he was in love with Eileen, who arrived at our home declaring that she was not a cat person.  Jim sat at her feet and looked adoringly into her face.  On day three he could no longer wait and hopped onto her lap while we were watching the news.  Eileen left a converted cat person.  She said she’d be willing to take Jim home.  Not going to happen, but I hope she finds her own Jim.

Because we’re not getting any younger (we’re both in our seventies) we decided we need to visit more ofter.  Probably every month that’s free of snow storms.  Next month I’m visiting Eileen.  More adventures.  More sister time.  And it’s about time!

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Artist, African hand drum student, yoga neophyte, and Grandmother of 22 or so grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and writing. I value good friends and quiet times for reading.

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