“Each day brings its own bread.”  Czech Proverb

My dad, once he retired, became the family bread maker.  His breads were delicious because they were always served with love and lots of butter.

I also enjoy other breads, especially if they’re sweet and grainy.  One of my favorites is a loaf from Whole Foods known as their Seeduction bread.  However, a whole loaf is a bit too much for just the two of us.  So I buy the  Seeduction roll and slice it as if it were a loaf.


Lovely little slices that are just right

Another favorite bread with meals happened accidentally the other day after someone gave me a 2-foot baguette.  Did you notice that people keep giving me food?

When I received the baguette I wanted to use every bit of it without having to eat it all at one sitting.  The solution was to cut the baguette into 6-inch lengths, wrap each piece in plastic wrap, and put them into the freezer.  Then, when I was “surprising” my husband with a macaroni and spaghetti sauce dish, I decided to serve some of the baguette on the side.

NOTE – I’d cooked up a pot of macaroni and we’d been eating macaroni in various guises for a number of days.  The macaroni was not a surprise.

Back to the baguette.  I decided to slice the newly thawed portion into thin slices, butter them with ghee, and toast them in a skillet.  I use ghee because it’s butter without the milk solids and, although it tastes like butter, it doesn’t brown in the pan.

When the first side was slightly toasty I turned each piece over, scorching my fingertips, and placed a bit of shredded cheese on each slice.  Of course, I also spread ghee on the second side.

The resulting bread slices were soaked with butter, crispy, slightly cheesy, and melt in the mouth delicious.

ch bread

I’ve decided that in order to serve a successful meal it’s necessary to have just one standout component.  Bread can do it.  Also, ending the meal with saltine toffee bars is another way to be a winner.  I’ll take my fame wherever I can get it!

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