This blog came about because I retired from a real job.  Actually, the place I worked went out of business, but it wasn’t my fault.  This left me with decisions to make.  What did I want to do with my time and my life?  I was quickly approaching age 75.

I’ve always loved writing and, in the past, I’ve written weekly humor columns for local papers.  I decided to challenge myself to write a blog post a day for a year.  Because I also enjoy cooking and have an interest in healthy eating, I decided to slant my blog toward recipes with an emphasis, but not an obsession, on health.

Yearbook Picture

My initial plan was to write the blog without telling anyone.  It was to be a personal exercise and challenge.  Then I shared with some family and friends.

About me:  I live in the south central part of Wisconsin.  I have 5 children and about 20 grandchildren.  My husband is a rock.  He’s also is willing to try just about anything I cook.

I’ve had many jobs while searching for something that would make me want to jump out of bed excited for the day.  I’m there.  I wish this blessing on you.

My other adventures include learning to play the African hand drum.  My brother, Dan, who’s been playing for over 30 years, gifted me with a Bougarabou  from the Ivory Coast, along with an instructional video.  I also have a small art studio behind our house where I play and make messes.  I highly recommend both activities.

My comedic heroes are Don Rickles and Paula Poundstone.